From the Nuclino blog:

At least meetings consume a bounded amount of time. Chat, on the other hand, maintains a constant presence throughout your workday. The brightly colored pop-up notifications accompanied by a pleasant little sound effect elicits an almost Pavlovian response, leaving us in a constant state of partial focus and robbing us of uninterrupted stretches of time to concentrate on the work we’re supposed to be doing.

Why I use iOS as my main working operating system and have no notifications on it. I don’t want to be in all day meetings, I want to ship code and words for customers and myself. I want to produce something, so I set myself up to do just that.

Does your work environment set you up to produce something every day? If not, what are yo going to do about that?

The article goes on to give us some of the things that are helping the team at Nuclino produce good work without being distracted all the time.