When the wife is the boss, she’s apt to be overly deferential to her husband, fearing that he’ll balk at taking direction or mischaracterize leadership as bossiness. The fact that these days more men act as helpmeets does not mean they feel tranquil in that role. – For Better or For Work

Unfortunate that woman still have to deal with this. You see this also with an “assertive” man, where a woman would be called a bitch for the same behaviour.

With my wife’s job taking more and more time, and us splitting daily child care so I’m off at three I’m worried that I’m falling into this trap. I don’t want to be the man that holds her back because I’m jealous.

I’m not sure I win that battle every day, but I hope that the fact I think about it a few times a week means I’m winning more than loosing.