From Nick Heer in response to this WSJ article.

I think users will find it fatiguing — at best — to live in a world where we pay hundreds of dollars a month to listen to music, use software, and store files. There are advantages: we can listen to most music of our choosing on demand; our software is constantly up to date and regularly has new features; the files we store are synced across our devices.

I’m currently feeling subscription fatigue from file storage services. I use iCloud with a 2TB plan because that’s what my family and devices need. I have a Dropbox plan with 2TB, because I need to share big folders of stuff at least once a month. Those two together have me spending over $40 CAD a month on subscriptions.

I’m going to be looking hard at replacing my Dropbox features with a personal private cloud service. Getting a Helm is currently the front runner, which would also divorce me from Google Apps email.