This sounds crazy to me:

When Tonya Parker, a mom in Illinois, wanted to better organize her family life a little over a year ago, the first thing she did was set her kids up on Trello, a web-based project-management tool. Parker’s four children, ages 9 to 18, now use Trello, which is more typically used at work, to keep up with chores, to-do lists, shopping, and homework. “I use it every day to keep track of what schoolwork I need to do, or places I need to be, things to buy,” Hannah, her 15-year-old daughter, says.

How about we slow down and don’t commit to crazy making things and don’t pay attention to work when it’s not work time? We keep a web calendar, mainly so my wife can have it on my work calendar when I need to be home with the kids in a “normal” work time. Then there is the family paper calendar. My wife and I sit down about once a week to see what’s up together and then we just do what we want in the week.

No family project management here, but I’m a nerd that prefers a Bullet Journal to productivity software for my personal stuff.