In this good article on privacy this made me laugh out loud

The question we need to ask is not whether our data is safe, but why there is suddenly so much of it that needs protecting. The problem with the dragon, after all, is not its stockpile stewardship, but its appetite.

Basically if Google and Facebook and other companies didn’t grab all this crap, we wouldn’t need to talk about privacy because we would be private.

The large tech companies point to our willing use of their services as proof that people don’t really care about their privacy. But this is like arguing that inmates are happy to be in jail because they use the prison library.

We can’t fix the problems of data security by voting with our wallets, just like the author says, we couldn’t fix the problems of tetraethyl lead increasing violet crime for 50 years. It took something bigger. We need ambient privacy, which is not strong data protections because as it says at the beginning, we only need to protect data because it keeps getting collected whether we want it to or not.