I don’t love every item on this list, but overall I do read more physical books than Kindle books now. This wasn’t always the case, about 8 years ago I took almost every physical book I owned down to the local used bookstore and turned them in for credit. $400 in credit to be precise.

I was tired of storing books everywhere and I wasn’t going to read most of them again. I kept a few of my favourites that I couldn’t purchase right away in a digital format.

Now years later, I only turn to Kindle if I can’t get a book from my local library or purchase a hardcover of it for a reasonable price. I frequent the library and have found many titles browsing the shelves that I would have never found in any other way. If I really enjoy a book I head over to my local used bookstore and ask about a hardcover copy of it. If they don’t have it, I put it on my hold list and wait until it comes in.

Now, if I really need a copy of a book for some writing project I’ll purchase it online somewhere at the cheapest price I can find. Otherwise I wait, and I spend a bit less money on books.

Recently when I couldn’t get a copy of Tipping Point from the library when I needed it, and couldn’t find a hardcover copy I turned to Kindle to read it. Yes the information is there, but the whole time I missed holding a book and not looking at a screen for a few extra hours a day[1].

I just wrote a review of The Revenge of Analog, which dives deeper into this idea of analogue items being more than meets the eye. It should be out next week.

  1. Yes I read for multiple hours a day usually  ↩