[Good blogging advice from Chris Hannah](https://blog.chrishannah.me/focussing-on-the-wrong-things-when-starting-a-blog/):

> If you are trying to start a blog, then the best advice is to just start writing, and then press publish. Sure, it might not be the best content you’ll ever produce, but it’s something. Then with the experience of writing and publishing that post, the next one will be slightly better.

I’ve stopped worrying about metrics enough that I don’t even have Google Analytics on my site now, just [Fathom](https://usefathom.com/). I’m even looking for a new email system that only gives me open rates and click rates and doesn’t collect anything about **who** is clicking or opening.

I want to write what’s interesting to me, without subjecting my readers to tracking. Aggregate metrics are good in that I can tell if my writing is catching with people or not.

HT: [Josh Ginter](https://thenewsprint.co/fresh-links/)