[My friend Chris talked about his move off of WordPress after 10 years](https://chriswiegman.com/2019/08/its-time-for-a-new-site/).

> Simple fact is, I still love WordPress and make my living with it but it simply isn’t the best tool for every job. Since the release of WordPress 5.0 I’ve found actually writing content in WordPress to be a tedious and aggravating experience. I’ve come to realize that Gutenberg is a wonderful editor for compiling content from various sources into a single page. It isn’t however, a good editor for writing simple blog posts.

I’m not sure I still *love* WordPress, but I do still make a living working on it. I think my issue is less with the software and more with how the community is being run lately. Seems more VC than Open Source, and really not something I’m interested in.