[Mike Schmitz over at The Sweet Setup about a distraction free phone](https://thesweetsetup.com/the-distraction-free-phone/).

> Looking back, it’s safe to say no one really knew what that “internet communications device” piece would morph into. At the time, there were no third-party apps and the App Store wouldn’t appear for another year after the original iPhone was released. It would have been inconceivable then to think that the average 16-24 year-old would spend 3 hours per day just on social media.

> Which is completely fine if you intend to spend 3 hours per day on social media. But most of us don’t. In fact, if we really understood the effect social media has on us, we would probably be appalled. Numerous studies (like this one) have tied heavy smartphone use (and social media in particular) with negative moods, anxiety, and even depression. And most of us would say, “I’m not that bad. I don’t have to check it. I can stop whenever I want.” But when confronted with the cold hard facts of how we’re actually using our mobile devices, we have to face the reality that we really don’t have as much self-control as we thought we did.

I’ve totally been on my phone looking and social media crap I don’t care about too often recently. Time to cut out a bunch of stuff again, because I don’t intend to spend 3 hours on my phone in a day. When it happens I always regret it and wish I spent the time reading instead.