I’ve worked remote or from home since 2009 which puts me at 10 years working from home. Most of that time my office was a shared space with my bedroom. For 2 years I rented an office in town that was just mine and for the last 10 months I’ve had a mostly dedicated[^1] room in my house.

I’d have to [agree with Matt](https://a.wholelottanothing.org/2019/08/09/tips-from-16-years-of-working-from-home/) that a dedicated space is one of the vital things to working from home.

> Simply put, having a dedicated space lets you do more concentrated work, take video meetings in peace and quiet, and also helps separate your work from your home life when you have a room as a work-only space.

I also love his tip on the local library, with the caveat for mine. They block iCloud file sync which makes it hard to work on an iPad. They also block Stackoverflow because it’s a forum and they “just block forums.” I’ve complained to IT for the city many times.

[^1]: Mostly dedicated because it’s also the entrance from the garage to the house which is really the main entrance.