[From Brigid Schulte in The Guardian](https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jul/21/woman-greatest-enemy-lack-of-time-themselves):

> it’s not that women haven’t had the talent to make their mark in the world of ideas and art. They’ve never had the time.


> Feminist researchers have also found that many women don’t feel that they _deserve_ long stretches of time to themselves, the way men do. They feel they have to earn it. And the only way to do that is to get to the end of a To do list that never ends: the chores of the day, as Melinda Gates writes in her new book, killing the dreams of a lifetime.


> I also wonder: what if we really did do the work to create a world where the sisters of Shakespeare and Mozart, or any woman, really, could thrive? What would happen if we decided women deserved the time to go to their dusky rooms and stay awhile at the kitchen table?

There is a struggle around here to get Cynthia time to work, and myself time to work. Hopefully some of the childcare arrangements that come with September will give us both some more freedom. As it stands currently, she has the kids from wake up till about 3pm, then she heads out to work till around 9pm. I also generally take off 3 hours one day a week for her to go for a run just after breakfast (I start at 5-5:30am).

I do work hard to make sure when she comes home at 9pm, there is nothing in the way of house clean up chores to do. Laundry is done, dishes are clean and floors are swept.

Our split does give her more time with the kids, and the way I rationalize it currently is that I earn 70% of the income. I wonder if that’s just a lame rationalization though.

My question to myself lately, is if I’m just being an entitled husband or not?

I also question how when we are with the kids, I’m way more likely to get left alone by them than she is. They continue to interrupt her, and I usually tell them to go away while I’m drinking a coffee and reading in the mornings. They listen to me, but keep coming back to interrupt her. How do we change their assumption that they can interrupt her?