[I enjoyed the whole article on parking and housing but this line made me laugh out loud](https://noparkinghere.com/).

> Lewis Mumford famously said “Building more roads to prevent congestion is like a fat man loosening his belt to prevent obesity.”

I did want a house with a yard, but the more I live close to downtown and walk to the places I want to go, why would I deal with the extra work a yard takes? Than would only mean I have to spend time caring for a yard instead of being out doing stuff with my family.

We’re happily a 1 car family and the bike lanes in town are pretty good. We do have one route across town that only has 3 blocks directly in major traffic. This I use to take my kids to the river by bike, with my oldest riding and my younger two sitting in the bike trailer.

The article goes on and has many great points about stopping the reliance on cars in L.A.