Cory Doctorow on DRM

When I was a bookseller in Toronto, noth­ing that happened would ever result in me breaking into your house to take back the books I’d sold you, and if I did, the fact that I left you a refund wouldn’t have made up for the theft. Not all the books Microsoft is confiscating are even for sale any lon­ger, and some of the people whose books they’re stealing made extensive annotations that will go up in smoke.

While I was big on eBooks via Kindle for a number of years, I’m back to purchasing print as often as possible. If I’m not sure about owning a book, I’ll head to the local used bookstore or the library. There I borrow, or purchase a used copy and if it doesn’t warrant a permanent place on my shelves I return it to the used bookstore for a decent credit, or just return it to the library with no expense outside of walking two blocks to pick it up.

I didn’t stop buying eBooks for DRM reasons, I just wanted to be off-screen at the end of the day.