Two good quotes out of my reading today as I worked through Company of One by Paul Jarvis:

Passion and courage are almost impossible to control and can easily leave you feeling bad about yourself. It’s far easier to simply work at getting really good at something in demand, discovering how these skills can be applied to something else, and hen testing your idea in a small way to see if it will pay. (Page 85)


…you can pursue any passion you want, but you shouldn’t feel entitled to make money off it. (Page 87)

So for I’m finding this book one of the most quotable books of the year. Yes I’m enjoying it, this chapter in particular so far.

Chapter 5 in summary, don’t go into business for yourself just to make money find a purpose to your work. Don’t just follow your passion because it’s fickle, and most successful people only became passionate about their thing after they had achieved mastery at it. To start they just kept learning new skills an testing them. The tests were, will people pay for this.]