Tammy brings up a great question regarding wordpress.org and Automattic killing it. Yes, they can’t really kill the GPL CMS, but what if.

Me, I’d go with Statamic. Funny that’s what runs the site already. I picked a paid commercial, not open source CMS because I enjoyed Jack’s personality. I ended up finding WP people I already knew in the community and when I looked at Statamic it made sense right away.

Oh, it’s also based on PHP.

Tammy concludes, that there are lots of great options out there so we wouldn’t really be in that big trouble.

It also made me think of this great podcast with Ben Furfie. Ben says, that maybe you don’t even need a CMS. I’m building a fully static site for a client of mine because he never updates anything. Why waste the overhead when I can just deploy 2 .html files and be done?