From Carissa Véliz on Aeon:

You might think your privacy is safe because you are a nobody – nothing special, interesting or important to see here. Don’t shortchange yourself. If you weren’t that important, businesses and governments wouldn’t be going to so much trouble to spy on you.

This one in particular gets me as I think about marketing my business. I aim to help and teach and share what I do, and hope that you find value in it instead of trying to track you and find a vulnerable time to market to you. I’d even like to drop user tracking in my email, aiming for aggregate data instead.

They want to know more about you so they can know how best to distract you, even if that means luring you away from quality time with your loved ones or basic human needs such as sleep. You have money, even if it is not a lot – companies want you to spend your money on them.

Ultimately, the article is for those that think they have nothing to hide. Véliz makes a strong case that I hope will persuade some that don’t care, to care.