At least get doses of light to sleep well.

Exposure to bright, morning light was particularly powerful: those exposed to it between 8 a.m. and noon took an average of 18 minutes to fall asleep at night, compared to 45 minutes in the low light exposure group; they also slept for around 20 minutes longer and experienced fewer sleep disturbances. These associations were stronger during winter, when people may have had less opportunity to receive natural light during their journey to work.

I’m starting to work on a book about the rules of freelancing (if you want to keep up with it I’ve been giving patreon people walks through the content) and one of the rules there is to get outside every day. I take a walk at some point every day even if it’s raining. On days I run before the sun is up, I take a walk.

The days I walk the most are often my most productive days as measured by tasks accomplished and I leave them feeling the most refreshed.