I’ve intentionally tried to stay fairly quiet on diversity talk online. Not because I don’t have any thoughts, but because I’m a white dude and am not sure I have much constructive to add at this point. I have a feeling that I still need to read and listen to what others are saying (not white dudes really, but others that don’t fall into that category).

Today I’m going to start doing a few things. When I get asked to join a podcast I’m going to suggest someone else that’s possibly better qualified. I’m happy to talk about time management and being dad at home and how I’ve struggled with it while I try to be a great dad to three girls. I think that’s the only thing that I may have special experience in.

There are stronger programmers out there that don’t have a platform like I have.

There are other freelancer’s out there that are trying to reach markets and do a better job at it than I do.

Also, this article that I think is excellent prompted me to say anything.

Now I’ll head back to listening mode for a while longer.