Tracy Bower for Fast Company on not looking for work-life balance

When you separate work and life, it’s a little bit harder to make that connection. But when you think of work as part of a full life and a holistic experience, it becomes easier to see that success in one aspect often supports another.

While I agree with the premise I feel like for many people it also totally misses the mark. In many ways this assumes that you like what you do, and don’t have to work every hour of the day to make ends meet because those are the only jobs you’ve been able to get.

What I do like is the acknowledgement that life and work intertwine. I take my daughter on a date in the middle of the day on a random weekday, and yes I work a bit during figure skating. I’m not overworking, I’m simply doing some work that fits inside the time available.

I think for many people though it’s all day work, then jamming in little parts of work in random spots instead of being present for their kids events. That’s not cool.

Thanks Ashley for bringing this to my attention.