Although the barrier between work and the-rest-of-life has been eroding steadily, it’s taken the smartphone to shatter it altogether. Her incessant buzzing — Check me! Check me! It just might be important! — slices into our family cocoon. – For Better or for Work

I’m starting to do research into a new book project and came across this quote from a book I never got around to reviewing (it was decent and worth my time).

I like the imagery of a cocoon around your family and the phone/distractions/notifications tearing into it.

I write this on US Thanksgiving, and how many of you are going to get a notification this weekend that pulls you out of the family time you wanted? That notification likely doesn’t matter, and if you think it does, you’re probably wrong about how much it mattered and how fast you needed to know about it.

PS: The book is about the rules I’ve learned that help me survive freelance life of 10-years. If you want to learn about it first then subscribe to the email list