Good Things Are Hard and Have High Failure Rates, We Should Still Try

If we made all our decisions based on the actually odds of success, we’d rarely attempt anything risk or achieve anything significant. – Late Bloomers 212

Many of the freelancer’s that were my “peers” when I started aren’t freelancing anymore. Sure we see a few that have built companies instead, but I’m not counting them since they still work for themselves. I’m talking about a bunch that couldn’t run a business, couldn’t get enough clients, spent themselves into oblivion…

If you were to look at my cohort and then decide if you wanted to take the risk, you’d see maybe an 80% failure rate1. Would you want to embark on a journey that had an 80% failure rate?

Yet, working for yourself is idolized. I love it and while I’m open for other opportunities, it would have to be something truly amazing for me to take a job elsewhere.

The things we want are hard, we may fail.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother trying.

  1. Doing some mental math here, it’s high whatever it is.