[Ben Brooks on Why You Should Ditch Your Laptop for an iPad Pro](https://brooksreview.net/2019/11/why-you-should-ditch-your-laptop-for-ipad-pro/). Here are a few of my highlights.

> Why do people care about battery life? Who needs to carry a charger? These are the basic questions I find myself thinking about now that I have been on an iPad Pro for four years. I remember the days of carrying a MacBook, and needing to make sure it was fully charged or I had a charger nearby, worrying about getting ‘good’ spots next to outlets. That’s not an issue with iPad Pro — the battery is fantastic almost without fail.

I even said in my [iPad Pro EDC video](https://youtu.be/HqYpQv5NyqI) that I don’t carry a battery when I’m out an about with my iPad even for 10 hours because it still has lots of charge left. Just like Ben, I also love not even thinking about which seats have a power outlet. I only consider where I want to sit because my iPad will last the whole time I’m working.

> On a MacBook I fly between screens, windows, and apps with ease, getting exactly what I want with minimal time — all a few keystrokes away. It was routine that during a moment for though, to flip to something else for, check it out, then go back to the task at hand.

[I also agree here and did a video on why I think the iPad is a more focused operating system](https://curtismchale.ca/2018/11/05/operating-system-windowing-and-focused-productivity-hypothesis-on-why-ios-feels-more-productive/).

Here I disagree with Ben though.

> Something really fascinating happens when people open a laptop: they get to work. They check email, they have a million tabs, tons of apps showing progress on many tasks/projects, they have tabs for social networks, half in progress projects abound. People do stuff. They are sucked in — unlikely to step away anytime soon. However, when I see people use an iPad they use it for one thing — the thing they grabbed it to do — and then they go back to life.

The people in my family get sucked into their iPad’s all the time. They open it to do email but then get on Facebook or something else and good luck getting their attention any time before midnight when they realize it’s way to late and they should be in bed. It’s also easier to carry it around and get on it in a moment, so computer use around my house has gone up as they residents use their iPad’s more.