[So the big publishers are restricting access to Libraries when it comes to purchasing ebooks in the first 8 weeks of publishing](https://www.npr.org/2019/11/01/775150979/you-may-have-to-wait-to-borrow-a-new-e-book-from-the-library). While I can see that it’s *possible* that Library lending cuts into initial purchases of ebooks, I’m not sure it’s as big an impact as the publishers think.

Heck they even say that they “fear” it’s cannibalizing sales. They don’t know it they just fear it.

Now of course what the publishers won’t do is backtrack on this decision of their sales numbers don’t pick up after they make this change. I expect they’ll keep restricting access to their books and try something else to boost their sales.

I want to support authors (I care less about publishers who seem to lend little outside of distribution to the whole process) and when I read a good book from the library I order it. I borrowed it in the first place because I wasn’t sure it was a book for my shelf, those I simply buy out of the gate. I make at least one purchase a month because I read it and enjoyed it. Most times I haven’t even finished my Library copy and I’ve made a purchase.