I haven’t paid for YouTube Premium but this Retro Tech series by MKBHD is pretty great. So far a bunch of the episodes have become free, but I’d pay for a month to finish out the episodes still behind a paywall if they’re not free after the New Year.

Pilot: Gameboy

Episode 1: Camcorder

Episode 2: Macintosh

I remember visiting a college professor’s house in 2002 and he had a Macintosh on his desk. I wasn’t much into tech at that point in my life, but even then it was old and he was publishing research papers on it. The first personal computer I remember having at home was the 386, my dad did work at IBM in Toronto so that makes sense. We even ran OS2.

Episode 3: Sega Genesis

This was the episode that made me most nostalgic. I owned a Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Turbo Graphix 16, N64. The Dreamcast was probably the only console of the era that I didn’t own.

Episode 4: Walkman (Paywalled)

Episode 5: Polaroid (Paywalled)

Episode 6: Dynatac (Paywalled)