I have a few morning routines in the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I get up around 5am have a bit to eat and then take a cup of coffee down to my office and read for an hour, then write for a bit. Then I take the kids to school.

Thursday I get up at 5am and head out to my local running group. Home by 7am to shower and get the kids out the door.

Friday, I wrangle kids while my wife runs early.

Saturday and Sunday, I generally wrangle kids and fight for any time of silence to read or do anything I want. At 3, 5, 9 my kids alway want something from me so by 9am Sunday I’ve generally read maybe one thing and answered what feels like 10,000 questions.

One thing I think when I read the routines of famous and rich and successful people is who on earth takes care of your kids for you? Maybe they don’t have them, but they also have the money to pay someone else to do all the chores and other shit that the rest of us have to do.

It’s important to remember that many of these famous people are entirely divorced from anything resembling the reality of the rest of us. At one point before they were successful they didn’t have this routined and had to rush through laundry at 5am so they had clean pants in the morning. Yoga and cryotherapy weren’t even a thing they knew about and wouldn’t have cared about if they had heard of it.

Inpsired by Marina Koren in The Atlantic who wrote Your Morning Routine Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect