From Nick Heer:

Many vehicles might not be on the road if it were not for Amazon’s high-pressure rush delivery options. It is worrying that these companies are aware of the negative results of programs like Amazon Prime, but are slow to make changes for the better as they continue to hurry packages along. If they bore some responsibility for the damage they inflict, I imagine things may be different.

Yes we get multiple deliveries a week. We order special food for my daughter’s digestion because buying it in store is a 50% markup but Amazon Subscription makes it the same as the non-special stuff.

Then there is all the tech stuff and books I order.

One thing I do to help, at least I fool myself into thinking it helps, is to never choose the fastest option. I’ll take the slowest free shipping option available. If I really need it tomorrow, then maybe I should just drive to the store and get it.