I was on the ebook train for a few years. I have around 500 ebooks in fact. I even gave away almost all my print books to a local used book store for in store credit. But in 2019 despite reading 70+ books I maybe read one in digital form.

I find ebooks hard to flip back and forth through to look at a few sections and figure out what the author was talking about. The “location” of a quote may change if I’ve played with the font sizes so I’ve had trouble tracking down past things I’ve read about and want to make sure I understand.

You also can’t really lend ebooks, which sucks because I usually have at least one book out of my library at a time.

I’ve also tried to borrow ebooks from my local library and the truth is the readers they provide are terrible. Plus publishers are making it harder and harder to even get an ebook from a library.

There are some advantages though. If I was away for a few weeks then having my Kindle with me would allow me to have a bunch of books with me. The rare times I travel now I simply pick one of the two books I’m reading and bring it with me.

Since I picked a Kindle and maybe read one book in Apple Books, my device isn’t distracting because it’s terrible at anything but being an ebook reading device.

Reading is one of the things I do most often in the week. I love it and after spending years trying out ebooks, the printed book simply feels better to me.

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