Over breakfast this morning I finally watched this video that’s been in my YouTube queue for at least months. [It’s all about bookstores and what it takes to move from a 55/book lifetime to a 1000/book lifetime](https://youtu.be/lIW5jBrrsS0).

Really to go from 55 to 1000 all you have to do is put aside 30 minutes a day to read.

Lately I’ve been thinking about dropping RSS from my week because I mostly rush through the articles. Even the great Wait But Why, I don’t read it. I intend to read it, but I don’t actually get to pretty much any of what Tim writes.

Part of that feels like the medium, screen, doesn’t suit long focused attention. I’ve tried to read his stuff, but just don’t ever get to it. It feels like too much of a burden.

Same goes for stuff from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Walrus, and many other publications. When I read them online I just don’t actually read the content. I skim it mining it for some tidbit to share here and then I move onto the next article in the huge list of RSS and DEVONthink.

So for February, I’m stopping that. It may mean my [Friday email](https://curtismchale.ca/subscribe) won’t have 5 shared links in it, or it may mean that I have one quote that I go deep into.

We’ll just see.

I guess that may also mean that you wouldn’t get this post about bookstores with a video.