Sometimes the video you get isn’t as smooth as you need it. I find this particularly when I’m on a long run and would be unwilling to bring a bunch of gear for a number of hours in the mountains. Today I’m going to look at how to stabilize video with your iPad Pro.

In my research most people were recommending Emulsio or Deshake so those are the first two I started with. I did take a look at other apps, but most had terrible ratings or hadn’t been updated in a long time, thus we really were left with Emulsio and Deshake as the two options for stabilizing video on your iPad.

Unfortunately, even after delaying this review and reporting bugs with Deshake, it still crashes and won’t stabilize anything. I even sent them my footage, but it didn’t work. I have used it sometime in the past on my 9.7″ iPad Pro, but it currently won’t work on my 12.9 1TB saying that it doesn’t have enough memory. Since the 12.9″ iPad Pro 1TB has the most memory of any iPad, I’m not sure how to offer it anything more to do it’s job.

That leaves us with Emulsio to stabilize footage, which does a decent job. In my memory of using Deshake, it was fairly slow compared to Emulsio. That could be my memory faking me out, but it actually doesn’t matter since Emulsio is the only valid option currently for your iPad.

As far as timeframe, Emulsio took around 15 seconds to stabilize either of the two 30 second clips. My 24 minute clip running down a mountain took 10:46 to compress, with about 2 minutes of “analyzing” time as the clip loaded. It took my 9GB file down to 4GB and I think it did a good job stabilizing.

When using Emulsio it has a bunch of settings you can use to change how your video is stabilized, and offers a nice split screen view so you can see your changes happening live.

All in all, Emulsio works, but I think we’re still in need of better “pro” tools for dealing with video on an iPad.

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