Friday Notes 092 - February 28 2020

While one can hope that the kids in fact do get better, they did not. The weekend away was great though. Bought about 12 books and spent a lot of great time with Cynthia just hanging out. Some good skiing in and a bit of pool time at the hotel.

We all make mistakes. None of us are perfect. Successful late bloomers have become experts at quickly moving on from their slipups withouth beating themselves up. - Late Bloomers

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I Shipped

Monday I talked about my Paperlike V2, which I like. I like it enough that I’ve been offered other screen protectors and turned them down so that I don’t have to take off the Paperlike and purchase another one.

Late Tuesday I put together an extra video on some of the books I’ve grabbed lately. Yes two kids came in and joined the video for a bit and I think it’s cute.

Wednesday I talked about how a Rubik’s cube has been a big productivity boost in 2020. Watch the video to find out how it’s stopped me from heading down infinity pools of suck.

Today I have a book review up for iGen. iGen is all about the generation after Millenial and how their beliefs have changed. It has some ideas that cross with The Death of Expertise and Kids These Days. It was a good read to gain more insight into this next generation.