Today I’m going to show off my single stand YouTube studio. The setup, minus the camera, comes in at just over $300USD and it would be perfectly suitable to grab a [tripod phone mount]( and use that instead of my [Canon 90D](

– $20.99 [Neewer Light Stand](
– $149.99 [Neewer Rollable 30X53 LED Panel](
– $21 [Neewer Ball Head x2](
– $19.99 [Small Rig Resette Arm](
– $30.99 [Neewer Multi Funtional Heavy Duty Grip Head Swivel](
– $56.13 [Rode Video Micro](
– $19.99 [Adjustable Microphone Boom Arm](
– $9.99 [Universal Mic Clip 3 Pack](