[Great article from Josh over at The Sweet Setup on the Magic Keyboard turning the iPad into something new](https://thesweetsetup.com/magic-keyboard-turning-the-ipad-into-something-new/). I laughed out loud, and groaned at this part.

> The Magic Keyboard is the first accessory that caught the Telus business owner’s eye when I pulled it out on my desk midway through last week. He grabbed it, marvelled at its weight, opened up the package, and began fooling around with the keyboard. After a minute or two, he exclaimed,

> “Well, it’d be a good computer if you could plug a USB stick into it. Or if you could use Microsoft Office on it. Or if you could run a proper VPN on it.”

> Of course, I rolled my eyes. And me being me, I had to get the last word in.

> “Well,” I said, “You can, and you can, and you can.”

> “Since when?” he replied.

That has been the unfortunate truth of using an iPad Pro until the last year. It was full of funny dongles to work with lightning. It’s still the unfortunate truth of using an iPad if it doesn’t have “Pro” behind it.

I’d like to see all the iPad’s get USB C because it’s not Pro, it’s just the way things are going and Apple needs to step up and finish the tablet transition.

[Go read Josh’s excellent thoughts on the Magic Keyboard](https://thesweetsetup.com/magic-keyboard-turning-the-ipad-into-something-new/). I’ll be purchasing one once we can get out and be mobile again. If I’m not working at coffee shops and the library I have no need for one.