Lately I’ve been digging into a new research management application called [Obsidian](https://obsidian). No I don’t plan on leaving DEVONthink, I’m just going to use one to store research and one to keep track of my thoughts on those research items. I’ve been thinking though, that there are two types of note takers.

### Type One: The Collector

I’d say that most people fall into category one. They like reading stuff from many sources and want to keep track of it. They read and take notes and highlight things and save articles to a read later service. They may even be impressed with the number of notes they have in DEVONthink or Keep It or…whatever.

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### Type Two: The Connector

The second type of note taker is a connector. They may collect the same number of sources, but they have a stronger filter. If they collect 100 articles to read, they’ll take notes on maybe 30% of them. The rest they’ll read a bit and then realize the content represents a fruitless line of inquiry and delete it.

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Which type of reader/researcher/note-taker are you?

## I Shipped

Monday I continued my look at RSS clients for your iPad with a review of [Fiery Feeds]( It’s a decent app, with a few design choices I didn’t love. It’s also a complex enough app that I could have resolved one of those issues, if I went not to regular old settings, but `Expert` settings.

Wednesday I walked you through how I [batch process images with Shortcuts and Affinity Photo]( so that you get nice framed iOS/iPadOS views out of my screenshots.

Today I reviewed [The Inconvenient Indian]( by Thomas King. If you’re looking to understand how white people have been treating Native Americans, and continue to treat them this is a good read.