Does your bank account ever get ‘too full’? Like you have to open another account so you can keep depositing money?

Of course not, that’s silly.

You know what else doesn’t get too full? The ‘love’ account your kids or spouse or partner has. The worst thing that can happen is that you fill them up so much that the joy and love you’ve shared spills over onto everyone around them so that they become a tsunami of excellent feelings.

You can spoil them with too many things (toys, games…). You can spoil them by never letting them fail, by making sure they always ‘win’ with a participant ribbon. This only leads to a much harder life later as your kids need to suddenly learn about failure in adulthood when the consequences are so much bigger.

But you can’t spoil them with too much connection and love.

If succeeding at work always means putting your family second, **you’re failing**. Every action you take today with your kids is a vote towards the relationship you’re going to have with them in the future.

Make your votes count.

## I Shipped

Monday I concluded my look at [RSS clients by picking my favourite one, Unread 2]( It has become the reading experience by which I judge any application that has text in it.

[Tuesday I had an entry in my work journal]( I take notes on coding topics I research throughout the week and I figured that I should share them as well. This one was about nuking an old site, or doing the work to refactor it. How do you do the refactor well?

Tuesday, I showed off a cool iPad widget called Usage. [Usage lets you monitor what’s going on with your iPad in real time](

If you head over to my site now you’ll be treated to a [review of The End of Average by Todd Rose]( This book is all about how average is not what we should be shooting for because it’s not a real thing and no one is average.