You may have noticed that the look of this site totally changed over the weekend, or maybe you didn’t. My site is now running [Statamic V3]( under the hood instead of V2. The upgrade process was relatively painless when I ran it locally via Laravel Valet. I had a bit more trouble when I tried to get the site going on my Digital Ocean server via Forge though.

Few notes I wrote below. I’ll do more complete tutorials on what I did/learned over the next few weeks.

## Deploying Statamic V3

Keep getting memory issues as I try to install Statamic V3 or upgrade stuff in V2. Turns out [[composer]] is a RAM glutton and I need to tell it to run with all the RAM sometimes. Got this tip for installing the [Statamic Migrator]( plugin frmo the Statamic Discord.

`php -d memory_limit=-1 /usr/local/bin/composer require statamic/migrator –dev`

You can see a blog post on it from the same person [here](

After I had deployed there were a few recommended scripts to use in Forge. [Duncan]( gave me this script.

cd /home/forge/{whatever.domain}
git pull origin master
composer install –no-interaction –prefer-dist –optimize-autoloader

( flock -w 10 9 || exit 1
echo ‘Restarting FPM…’; sudo -S service php7.4-fpm reload ) 9>/tmp/fpmlock

#if [ -f artisan ]; then
# php artisan migrate –force

npm install
npm run production

[This script will also work]( Your `sudo` password for forge would go just after the echo statement inside the quotes.

cd /home/forge/{whatever.domain}
git pull origin master
echo “” | sudo -S service php7.4-fpm reload

php please glide:clear
php please stache:clear
php please static:clear

Even after we had the proper scripts installed I was having issues getting any server to connect to the domain. Turns out you need to set the SSL in Forge for it to work properly. Once that was done the site came up, and while it’s still got a bunch of theme issues, it’s working.

## Caching

I went back to [Clarity Squared]( for some caching tips, just ran though what they said to do.

I’ll still need to do more work on the entire theme and making the whole site fast. I have no idea why my main page is showing up every few posts…only on the front page of the site. There are a few other bugs, but I can keep publishing content for this week without worrying.

## Other Resources

– [This tutorial on Statmic V3 deployment]( would have got me further without bugging people in Discord. Yes, [the Discord group]( is extremely helpful.