From [The Dent](

> What a lot of non-iPad users seem to not understand / appreciate is that those hoops they think we jump through to shoehorn an iPad into our workflow are not hoops at all. Just as switching from DOS to a GUI interface back in the day would have required you to complete your tasks in a different way, so to does using an iPad. It’s a paradigm shift, there’s no question about it, but once you’ve learnt how to do task X, Y and Z in this new world it’s then just as easy to do as it would have been for you before. It may even be simpler, if you just make the effort to learn and break old habits.

This is exactly what I think, [and said]( There are many things that are much faster on my iPad than my Mac. The only thing that keeps me going to macOS is FTP support because it sucks on an iPad. It’s better if you have Shell access to your server, actually then it’s decent, but if you don’t have shell access, it plain old sucks. Some apps are trying, but they’re no where near what you get out of macOS.