From [Matt Birchler](

> What I want is to be able to go into a “focused working” mode in Slack where it still notifies me of things, but it only sends notifications on a reduced cadence, like every 10 minutes. This will let me stay up to date with things as they happen in Slack, but will spread out the distraction a bit so I’m not seeing notifications every few seconds while a thread I was involved in blows up as I’m trying to work.

> Obviously I could go on DND for 30 minutes or an hour, but sometimes that’s too long to go without seeing things, and it’s totally manual, so I need to set DND for 30 minutes, then see what I missed, and then manually set it again.

While I get the automation part, I just can’t agree that 30 minutes is too long to go without seeing something. I mean if you miss that a bear entered your office and while it stalks up for 30 minutes you notice nothing, yeah you’ve got problems.

I can think of nothing in my business life that would be affected by missing it for hours.

Most people overestimate how big “emergencies” are and thus think they need to be on everything all the time.

That’s the trap I think Matt is in here.