> The entitlement of these fuckers is just off the charts. They have zero right, none, to the tracking they’ve been getting away with. We, as a society, have implicitly accepted it because we never really noticed it. [Online Privacy Should Be Modeled on Real-World Privacy](https://daringfireball.net/2020/09/online_privacy_real_world_privacy)

I love John’s description of what it would be like if we had the “ads” in the real world operate like they do online. It would be super creepy.

The parent council at my kid’s school **only** communicates on Facebook. If you’re on the council (which I am) then that’s where all messages are sent. Unfortunately that means I miss lots of discussion because I have no interest in adding any data to Facebook’s algorithm.

I think that in not so many years we’ll look back on all the privacy we’ve given up and it will be as we view smoking now. Disgusting.

I even stopped tracking any stats on my site a few months back and I had moved to a privacy first tracker that I trust.