[Ben Brooks in his member post about iOS 14 and the iPad](https://brooksreview.net/2020/09/member-journal-972020/):

> As we enter iOS 14, the true limiting factors are: our willingness to adapt to new tools…

I’ve believed for a while that most of the complaints about iPadOS and an iPad as your main main computer can be mostly boiled down to an argument that you’ve always done something one way and don’t want to learn a new way. If it’s not the same as you’ve always done, you’re not interested.

> Every App Store app available on the iPad not only should have trackpad support by now, but should be working to refine that support to make their app even more slick. Anything less, shows the lack of iPad care that product has.

Yup, support the trackpad developers.

> Slide Over is a pile of shit, and users should be allowed to disable it system wide.

Don’t agree here at all. I have 1Password in Slide Over all the time. [TickTick](https://curtismchale.ca/ticktick) is also in Slide Over for quick reference to my tasks.

> Battery life needs to make a jump.

Yup, I get an afternoon out of mine right now, though I admit that’s tethered and in the harsh sun outside. On my couch in my office, I get a few more hours than that. But I still have to charge my iPad twice daily to keep it running for everything I want to use it for.

> The Magic Keyboard Folio is the best gain iPads have had since the new iPad Pro form factor came out. The price is stupid, but the case is stupid good.

Agreed. I held off on this case for a long time because it was so expensive and now that I have it in my hands…it’s the nicest case for an iPad. The second nicest is the Smart Keyboard Folio.

> The lack of keyboard shortcut support is a bigger deal that anyone thinks. Every app should have tons of keyboard shortcuts.

Hard agree. Things 3, and a few other apps are the **only** ones that get it right. I’d also like to see system wide shortcuts available. With a system wide keyboard shortcut that I could tie to a Shortcuts action, I could have quick entry for my task manager. Yup I know this exists in acessibility, but it’s not reliable and comes with too many other trade-offs.