Chris Lawley’s iPad Workflow

Yup I follow his channel.

**Part 1: Morning Routine**

In part I was mostly interested to see Things and Fantastical in split view. It’s pertinent to the Time Blocking course I’m working on. [If you want to get notified about that subscribe](

**Part 2: File Management, Writing Code, Git…**

Most interested here in how he codes. I was using Working Copy, but stopped. There was some friction in it with my site and Shortcuts so it felt like a broken system I was always fixing. Maybe it’s because the “posts” on my site are over 2500 individual files. Working Copy just took a while and timed out regularly when I ran my Shortcut. I’ll check back in on this when iPadOS 14 ships in it’s final form.

I absolutely get the frustration of trying to write code in blog posts. Maybe I need to write my code posts for my clients in Textastic instead of always correcting stuff in iA Writer.

I’ve [written]( about [how]( I [code on my iPad]( a few times already. I stick with Vim on a remote server. Textastic comes in to my workflow every month or so.

Part 3 is coming.