[From Jeff](https://jeffperry.blog/2020/09/08/going-offline-has.html):

> After starting out using this notebook I noticed the “intentional friction” with this system and it was something I hadn’t had in my other task managers. I would have hundreds of tasks in my digital task managers over time, clogging up the system and making it nearly impossible to decide what is important to work on and what isn’t. I was paralyzed by the amount of choices I had. With Bullet Journal you can add as many tasks as you want, but there is no copy and paste, no automation, and no services connected to the Bullet Journal adding things to my to do list automatically.

While I’ve stopped using my Bullet Journal, this was one of the reasons I loved it. When your task manager defaults to **not** moving things forward forever you have a built in cleaning system. The tasks you never get to and aren’t important don’t get moved forward.

Now with [TickTick](https://curtismchale.ca/ticktick) I’ve got to be much more proactive about cleaning up stuff I wrote down. Far too many things are things you “wish” you would do.

I’m not planing on going full AlphaSmart Neo2 like Jeff, but I’ve been doing all my brain storming for writing at home then rolling my bike to the local park and writing without internet. The green and quite is excellent for staying focused on writing.