You may need to start wearing glasses at any stage in your life. Whether you need them for driving, reading the [latest books](, or browsing the web, glasses can make your day-to-day life easier. In fact, [more than six in ten people wear glasses or contacts]( in the US alone.

Thankfully, getting glasses has never been more straightforward In fact, during this difficult time, you can even turn to websites like [](, to order prescription glasses to your door in just a few clicks, saving you valuable time and energy. They have a wide range of unique frames and styles on offer, including many designer brands meaning you can ensure you look and feel good when wearing your glasses! After all, you have to wear them every day – so it is important that they look good and match your style. Or, if you have a glasses frame that you have already fallen in love with, but your prescription has altered, you can send your frames directly to the company to have the lenses switched. It couldn’t be easier!

However, if you are lucky enough to have lived the majority of your life with perfect sight, you may not be aware of the signs that point you towards needing glasses.

## Headaches

There are many different causes for headaches, from stress to the overconsumption of caffeine in your daily coffee or tea. However, you can also get headaches and even painful migraines as a result of eye-strain. This kind of headache is often caused by squinting, which you may do in order to see more clearly. It increases the tension in the muscles surrounding your eyes, eventually leading to a tension headache, which can be very painful and debilitating. Whilst it is easy to attribute this kind of headache to working too much or spending far too much time in front of a computer screen/mobile phone, pay attention to how frequently you feel this way. If you are frequently experiencing headaches, it may be a sign that you need to start wearing glasses or contact lenses.

## Blurred Vision

Although this may seem obvious, blurring in your vision is a strong indication that you need to start wearing glasses. Objects may appear ‘fuzzy’ around the edges, or you cannot see things in the distances clearly as you were once able to. If you are unsure, pay attention to what is going on around you. For example, are road signs difficult to read? When you look towards (but not directly at) a light, does it seem blurry? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may wish to book an appointment with an optometrist.

## Losing your place when reading

Sometimes, there’s nothing worse than losing your place when reading. Whether that means you were skimming your way through your [post-lockdown book haul]( or reading an important document of work, losing your place, and having to re-read the same information (sometimes several times) is both frustrating and a waste of your time. However, if you find that you are doing this quite frequently, or have trouble focusing on the words, it is a sign that you may need to start wearing glasses.

## Tired/Irritated eyes

If you are straining in order to see more clearly, you are putting a lot of pressure on your eyes. As a result, this can leave them feeling tired or irritated. They may even begin to look slightly tired in appearance. Other key symptoms of eye strain include:

– Watery eyes
– Sensitivity to light
– Burning/dry eyes

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should seek support from a specialist. In addition to finding out your prescription, you may also benefit from using eye-drops to soothe any of the symptoms you may be facing.

## Difficulty focusing

Whether you are working on a paper or sending emails, vision problems can lead to a lack of focus in your everyday life. You may find it hard to focus on words on a page or generally feel more tired and irritable and therefore less productive. Furthermore, if it takes you longer than those around you to complete a task, you may feel disengaged or even a little embarrassed as you don’t want to be the person holding others back or missing deadlines as you cannot focus. When this happens, it is important that you take care of yourself and rest when you need it. However, wearing glasses can increase productivity significantly, and feel more like yourself again in no time at all.

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