While listening to [Bookworm talk about The Practice](https://bookworm.fm/108/) they mentioned that Godin revisited the same topic a bunch of times. Far from a complaint, Mike and Joe looked at it as Godin tweaking his thoughts on something as he had a better understanding of a subject.

While I’m not trying to compare myself to Godin, I’ve found the same thing happening on my site over the years. Often I’ll be interested in a specific topic for a year or two and come back to the ideas. Running an effective freelance business was one of my first focuses and brought a bunch of people to my site and my email list. Lately it’s been more about iPad and research applications, which brings a different number of users, and will likely push some of my older readers out because they’re not interested anymore.

Far from being worried about pushing people out, this site and my content is primarily for me. I’ve long viewed all my content as “whatever Curtis is interested in”. This is why you’ll find videos on my cycling or running or skiing alongside content about Bullet Journal or Obsidian. It’s all stuff I’m interested in.

The problem with building a specific niche, like I worked at for a while with freelance business coaching, is that I got bored of it. I looked around and had to fight to have anything to say about running your freelance business. I had so many other ideas I wanted to talk about, but not the one that was getting me some success.

So I stopped the niche thing, unless you consider whatever I’m interested in a niche.

Does the random videos on YouTube slow my growth. Probably, but I don’t care.

Does the randomness of some emails mean people unsubscribe. Probably, again I don’t care.

Oh, yeah this is also the last email from me until January. I’m taking 2 weeks off and instead of just not doing client work, I’m not going to do anything this year. I don’t feel like getting down to my office on Thursday morning to write an email for Friday. You don’t want to get an email from me on December 25th either. Hang out with those around you and try to take a break yourself.

If you really want to hear from me, my YouTube videos and Monday/Friday blog content is already scheduled through most of January and the holiday’s so it will keep coming.

## I Shipped

Monday I talked about my [backup strategy for iPadOS and macOS](https://curtismchale.ca/2020/12/14/my-data-ipados-and-macos-backup-strategy). At some point I figure if all the remote servers I have content on are dead, there is a bigger problem in the world and we don’t care about email, sites, or family photos. We simply want our family around to hug.

Tuesday I shared the [Analogue Timeblocking System](https://curtismchale.ca/2020/12/16/analogue-timeblocking) I used for years. I said in the video that I don’t use it so much anymore, and then after recording the video it felt like that system fit the best again, so I am using it after a few months away.

Oh, that was also part of my [Timeblocking course on Skillshare](https://skl.sh/38MQzz8). Taking it helps support the content.

Today I reviewed [Reset by Ronald J Deibert](https://curtismchale.ca/2020/12/18/reset-by-ronald-j-deibert). Unlike other books that have tackled your attention and your devices, this takes a step back and looks at the bigger market. How much does it cost to store huge volumes of data all over the world? What is the cost of fast and cheap shipping from Amazon on the infrastructure of our cities and our world. It changed my purchasing decisions.