> There is a scene in one of the Harry Potter films where Harry and his friends end up in a treasure vault which has been boobie-trapped with a “Gemino Curse,” a variant of the Doubling Charm. Each thing touched, instantly doubles. Touch those things and they double. This continues without end. I have sympathy for Harry in that scene. I know the feeling. Each book I read spawns more books to read. And those books spawn more books. This continues in an endless doubling, tripling, quadrupling that has been growing increasingly doubtful of my ability to read every book ever written. – [Mount To-Be-Read and the Danger of the Doubling Charm](https://www.jamierubin.net/2021/02/18/mount-to-be-read-and-the-danger-of-the-doubling-charm/)

The last book I read spawned 25 other books to read. If only a single read merely doubled what I wanted to read.