> Like I said in my original post, WordPress and other platforms always made me feel like they wanted me to use them to do so much more than blogging. “Hey, want to install Jetpack!” “Hey, there are 16,000 plugins you might like, and 4 of them have updates you should install now!” “Do you want to turn on payments? How about activating some CRM functionality?” – [I Still Love Blogging on Ghost](https://birchtree.me/blog/i-still-love-blogging-on-ghost/)

I work in WordPress all day 5 days a week. It has brought me the career I have and paid for all the stuff I have.

But I actually don’t love WordPress anymore. It hasn’t run my site for two years. In large part because of the exact things that Matt cites above.

All the marketing crap invading my admin interface is terrible.

Plus, Gutenberg. Not only did it get to descend on us from “on high”, but the developer resources are terrible. Even the paid courses to learn it are so out of date they’re simply poor suggestions about where you might get started.

This wasn’t the case when I started with WordPress. Lots of easily accessible tutorials were out there so that someone in a Counselling Degree could teach themselves to program and start a career that’s starting to span multiple decades.

I miss what WordPress was, but I don’t expect to see it ever go back. Something else will come along that will do all the things WordPress did in it’s early years and will take over.