Last week I talked about my job change and in response to that I’ve got a bunch of books suggested. Thanks to Tim and Brian and Riaan for the suggestions I’m passing on.

– [Leadership Strategy and Tactics](
– [The Effective Executive](
– [Great at Work]( (I have read this [here]( but I need to revisit it)
– [First, Break All the Rules]( ([read it once]( currently reading it again)
– [The Talent War](
– [The Attributes, 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance](
– [Principles](
– [Integrity](
– [Team of Teams](
– [The 27 Challenges Managers Face](
– [The Manager’s Path](
– [The Coaching Habit]( ([read it once]( going to read it again)
– [The Making of a Manager](

Now I’m not going to read all of these right through, but they’ll likely dominate my reading over the next 12 months.

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## I’ve Shipped

Monday I talked about feeding my [research habits with DEVONthink and Craft]( This is about the research tools I think are the best and where I go to find information.

Today I talk about [Little Bets by Peter Sims]( Decent book that covers some good ground, but I think that there are better books in the genre. That would mean reading three books instead of one though so…you may not be into that.

I also launched a [Discord Server this week]( If you want to talk about books, and read a book together with some time to talk about it then you can join. [Patrons]( get to also talk about courses as they’re being worked on.