[Greg Morris](https://gr36.com/what-is-your-blog/) talks about how he hoped his blog would be read with great interest by many, and then realized that it’s for him.

A number of years back I was in the same boat. Watching my stats daily trying to ensure that I keyed in on what everyone was reading so I could continue to grow.

Dang that sucked.

Now I have no stats at all on my site. I couldn’t tell you how many people read my writing, and that’s awesome.

My site is about what interests me at any given moment. Maybe it will be city design, or iPad stuff, or cycling, or parenting. It’s been this way for years, and yet I still get annoyed emails from poeple who say I don’t write about WordPress or running a freelance business enough anymore and I need to do it again.

Sorry to disappoint you, this is about what interests me. I’m a bit more focused on Youtube currently, but I still feel my videos are about what interests me. Yes this is terrible for the Youtube algorithm, but if I’m going to continue to produce content I need to be interested.

Write for yourself and let whatever happens happen.