[I feel the exact same way that Jason feels](https://sixcolors.com/post/2021/03/searching-for-the-perfect-ios-markdown-writing-tool/).

> And I feel more focused using iPadOS itself, for some reason. I know I can run apps full-screen on my Mac—though a 27-inch iMac is spectacularly bad at that. I know I can hide and quit apps on my Mac with a few keystrokes. And, conversely, the iPad actually does make it easy to switch between apps. And yet, somehow, the iPad provides more of a mental barrier for me, making it less likely I’ll peek over at Twitter or Slack while I’m in the middle of writing something.

One thing I have been wondering if the “hard” stuff on iPadOS feels hard simply because of the screen size limitation. To that end, I’ll have an M1 Macbook Air coming into my life in the next few weeks. Since I’m planning to revamp my desk entirely, I’ll try to put a week into **only** working on the screen of the Air as a way to try and determine if screen size feels like a limiting factor in productivity.

I’d also love to see iPadOS go full screen on my 27″ 4k monitor in the next version. This would be another great test to see if screensize or software is the issue.