Last week you didn’t hear from me because I took the week off to ski with my family. Did I have time to write an email, sure I did. Instead of sitting in a chair relaxing after a long ski day, I could have written an email. Instead of napping on Wednesday and Thursday I could have written the Friday email.

But it was vacation so I didn’t do it.

It’s so easy to fall into some comparison trap when it comes to our output. I look at other people that send weekly emails who say they haven’t missed a week in years. Daily email people write a bunch ahead of time off to make sure that they get all their emails in or the week.

It’s easy to think that if I don’t keep up the streak of weeks writing, I’ve failed. That if I missed a week of YouTube videos, everyone will stop watching me and the YouTube algorithm will punish me.

But that won’t happen.

Missing a week of email meant that I didn’t work at all during vacation for the first time in a while. Even my 2 week Christmas break had some email checking going on. I recorded a video or two and did some editing. I simply didn’t do any client work and counted that as time off.

The comparison trap is easy to fall into all over the place. You see someone talking about their business success and wonder why you aren’t seeing the same success.

Some image of a beautiful house comes across your radar and you look around at the pencil crayons the kids left out, plus the paper scraps and wonder how someone else does it. Hint: they staged the photo if you turned around the rest of their house would look messy.

You see a nice photo of someone’s desk and wish you could have a clean workspace like they do. Just like the house, it’s staged and if you turned around you’d see a pile of ski coats, gloves, empty milk crates waiting to get dealt with.

You do you. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Make the things you like. Work a sane amount of hours. Be happy with what you do and don’t drive yourself into oblivion keeping up with what someone else shows off.

## I Shipped

While I was away, there were a few videos that came out. First, I talked about [how I organized a SkillShare course in Craft]( I reviewed [Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun](

This week I talked about [Why I Moved from Obsidian to Craft]( for my note taking and research. Yes I know that things have changed in Obsidian since I made the move, but you have to decide with the information at hand. I may not have moved if the Obsidian mobile app was as developed as it is currently.

Today I go over some of the [books going in/out of my library for March 2021]( As always, more books are coming in than are going out.