[Brent Simmons addresses the mirage of the perfect todo system](https://inessential.com/2021/04/06/the_perfect_to_do_system_is_not_just_around_the_corner)

> But it’s not around the corner. It’s really not. There’s no perfect system for anybody. All of these apps are pretty good, and you may find one fits you better than another, but you’re not ever going to make it the perfect system for you. Even if you started from scratch and wrote your own, you’re not getting the perfect system.

One reason he doesn’t address that I think has people looking for the next task manager is the crap they let build up in their current task manager. Most task managers are full of crap you’re never going to do but it feels too painful to remove them from your list.

Until you decide to change to another tool. Then it feels to hard to move them and you abandon huge swaths of things you’re best self would do with all your free time.

This is why a new task manager feels excellent. It’s also why a few months or years later it feels just as crappy as the task manager you left.

When your home feels overwhelming, you don’t purchase a new one you clean it up and throw out a bunch of crap.

When your task manager feels overwhelming, start by tossing out all the crap you’re never going to do. That’s almost always a better idea.